HGTV: Income Property : Is host Scott McGillivray gay?

HGTV (Home & Garden Television) Income Property : Host Scott McGillivray asks 2 male home owners for a hug!! Gayness? You decide…
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10 Responses to HGTV: Income Property : Is host Scott McGillivray gay?

  1. fearless7nicku says:

    FOR THE RECORD: Having kids, having a wife… those things mean VERY LITTLE in determining if a man has sexual attraction to men.

  2. Chilean88 says:

    The first time I saw the show I thought he might be gay because his voice sounds a little gay. But I read that he has a wife so I don’t think he is. Also, just because someone asks for a hug from a gay guy doesn’t make them gay. Scott seems like the nicest guy, I hope his show lasts a long time!

  3. musicaltheatergeek79 says:

    He does come off a little gay. It’s the voice. It’s got a hint of “gay accent.”

  4. theseether says:

    i think Scott McGillivray is married with children…so I think that would, in most circles, qualify him as decidedly non-gay.

  5. 8zerethfemme says:

    Dang hot piece of canadian bacon! That man is gorgeous!..Sorry, i tried to keep it lady-like but…oh well!

  6. MsOpalEssent says:

    Well,i get why he took his time to marry,looking the way he does,he was quite possibly,out there just playing the field,can you imagine how many women were trowing themselves at him? Also,if he does asks,as he says,hugs from the people he works for at the end of the shows,why he would make and exception with this couple?, it just shows what a good heart he has by not treating this couple any differently!Besides, i’m sorry but the guys are not that hot,as for him to try to steal a hug from them.

  7. davidjtull says:

    i like his teeth!

  8. imperiallion says:

    you do realize this guy is married to a woman? He is not gay but took his sure butt time to finally tie the knot. I wonder what his wife looks like since he can just afford any girl he wants.

  9. MissMeaganLyn says:

    @rocky4x4 YES!!!

  10. rocky4x4 says:

    Scott is the hottest man on TV! His energy, his smile, that body and the best hair across the board….Scott, I have 2 words for you: thank….YOU!

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